CBD-Croatia - Increased dissemination and usage of industrial hemp

Welcome - Increased dissemination and usage of industrial hemp


We are a group of individuals, organizations and businesses working together to increase the dissemination and use of industrial healthy hemp (not smokable) in the world.

We wish to create more; green, healthy, long-lasting and environmentally friendly solutions.

As a bonus the hemp plant is one of the plants in the world that can absorb the most CO2, so just by planting it, we are improving the climate on earth - the more the better!


Our goals is to be achieved through conventional cultivation of hemp plants, development and marketing of professional hemp products.


We grow through partnerships, because we know, that we can create significant value, through close collaboration between skilled experts, investors and committed companies and entrepreneurs.


Hemp plant's history

Hemp plant history

The hemp plant:

- Have followed and 'helped' humans for many thousands of years.

- Is one of the most CO2 consuming plants on earth, and therefore a great assist in the fight of the increased CO2 and global warming.

- Has a cleansing effect on the earth, and therefore extremely well suited for fields otherwise ment for fallow fields.

- 100% of the palnt is utilized, and is used or can be used in many types of products.

- Can act as a healthier / more environmentally friendly substitute in and for more than 25,000 to 50,000 different existing products.

- Has over thousands of years been used as dietary supplements and medicin.

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